Just some information about who we are, what we do, and why we are doing it...
What is SportsFYLE?

SportsFYLE, LLC is the parent company focused on helping players connect to sports via online focused communities.  Launched in the fall of 2014 by David Garside and Eric Hays in Chicago, IL.

What is a FYLE?

A FYLE is simply an online sports profile.  FYLE’s have many features and benefits.

Why SportsFYLE?

We wanted to create a social networking site where like-minded people are more engaged and connected.  Sports creates a common thread where people with similar interests can connect.  With our sports focused communities, recreational athletes, family and friends, and businesses will have an engaging place to talk about and promote their favorite sport.

Why would I need another social site?

Our Connect Platform combines the aspects of a social network built off the foundation of player profiles for individual users. This is a new community concept which provides a common sports focus for people to share sports related interests and accomplishments.  Our communities are not replacements for the large current business and social networks.  It is a new  platform that fills a void for an online sport-specific community that is not touched by any current platform.

How will SportsFYLE be different than other platforms?
  • Our basic concept is completely different. Our FYLE model creates a profile of a person based on their interests, ability level, and how a person engages in a sport (an athlete, coach, fan, parent, friend, etc).
  • Creating a FYLE will also enable a user to create a virtual scrapbook of events, activities, awards, news and any other artifacts that will tell a person’s story in a sport. The basic structure of a person’s information is completely new and different.
  • On our concept community for hockey, the content flows similar to existing platforms, so it will be intuitive to engage with other members on the site. The difference is who each user will be connecting with. Rather than blasting out a message to anyone and everyone, users will be communicating with like-minded people that have similar interests in what is being posted.
  • Buying and selling new and used equipment will be built into our platform. There will also be a product reviews section for members to share opinions on what equipment to use and where to find the best values.
  • The “Event” based module: This system allows you to differentiate between your regular activities and promoted events. These events are based on the needs of the individual or group, so they are treated more efficiently.
  • Virtual Scrapbook: Older generations of people have boxes of photos, newspaper articles, awards and other special memory pieces collecting dust in the basement or attic. This will not be the case for the next generation. With so much information getting collected via our phones and computers, a person’s sports history or scrapbook could easily be lost unless it is organized into a “FYLE”.
Why would I join or support a SportsFYLE Community?

Because you are passionate about your sport and want to be a part of something new.  We have worked hard to create a platform that is not only useful but also beneficial to the sports community. For example, in hockey and other sports there may be a need to find a goalie, promote a pick-up game or organize a tournament or event.  HockeyFYLE will be a one-stop shop for connecting with the hockey community. As lifelong hockey players, we wanted to build a platform that helps members solve some of these problems.  We are pouring our energy into creating something different, useful, and more fun. Give us a chance to change the way players connect with sports and enhance the sporting experience away from the game.

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